Our Approach

Jiu-Jitsu Tribe identifies worthwhile social projects that lack adequate resources which are often absence of proper facilities, equipment, and leadership compensation.  Through the financial support of our donors, we rehabilitate social project facilities allowing the program to provide life changing training

Our Process


Project Selection

One of the most critical aspects of our work is project selection.  While there are many well-meaning social projects around the world, few projects contain the necessary elements for continued success.  We believe the most critical long-term success factor is good local leadership.  We first look for leaders that we feel confident that we can invest in.  These leaders are vetted to ensure they share the same vision and values as Jiu-Jitsu Tribe and our donors.  During project selection we also consider additional factors such as need, community, political factors, and how many lives can potentially be impacted by our investment.


Cost Estimation

Once a project has been selected, we begin the process of estimating the costs of the rehabilitation project.  Every project has different needs, so the costs range from project to project.  Our objective is to ensure that every project has a minimum of the following:

  • A safe and functional training room with adequate space for current students and the potential for additional students.
  • Quality training mats
  • Proper sanitary environment including functional bathrooms, showers, and cleaning supplies.
  • Clean kimonos
  • Adequate compensation for the project leader to stay solvent and keep the project running (if necessary)
cost_square copy


Once we have identified the project costs that becomes our fundraising goal.  We kickoff our fundraising campaign and diligently work with our existing and new donors until our goal is met. We don’t begin the rehabilitation phase of the project until a minimum viable fundraising goal has been met.


Contractor Selection

Once the funds are secured, we identify trustworthy contracts in the local community to begin the rehabilitation process.  We believe that it is important to use contractors and suppliers in the local community whenever possible, as this furthers our goal of improving the community.



We operate in concise phases,  supported by a master project plan with a budget, timelines, and deliverables.  We ask our partners and contractors for input in building this plan and their commitment to sticking to it.  We release funds on a milestone basis and document how the funds are being utilized.  The rehab process will continue until complete and will culminate in a final ribbon cutting ceremony.


Milestone Reporting

Jiu-Jitsu Tribe is committed to being 100% transparent with our donors and partners.  We will provide detailed updates on the construction process complete with photos and stories of the lives effected.  Update emails will be sent on a monthly basis as a minimum but may be more frequent if we have additional exciting milestones to report



The longevity of the programs we support is high priority. To accomplish this, we provide access to consumables or supplies that are required to maintain a clean, safe, and accessible learning environment.