Projeto Gaditas - Phase 2

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Projeto Gaditas is an amazing social project in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Eduardo Oliveira and his wife created the social project to help keep kids in the community stay away from gangs and off of drugs.  The project was started in 2010 and now in 2019, almost a decade later, he teaches 200 students in two locations for free. Gaditas headquarters is  attached to Eduardo’s home where he lives with his wife and two biological children as well as 18 adopted kids. You read that right, 18. Gaditas became an orphanage!

Jiu Jitsu Tribe previously worked with the project under our former brand Live Jiu Jitsu.  The first phase of the project was to rehabilitate the living and training facility.  With the generous support of our donors we were about to raise $10,000 USD (40,000 reais) to help complete the construction.  Read about the first phase of the Gaditas project on our Past Projects page.


While the new facilities are a huge improvement there is still urgent need for assistance in covering operational costs such as electricity and water.  The project survives by donations; however, they do not always they have the money to pay for water, electricity, and even food, even though they receive donations from churches and a few local restaurants.

Eduardo said: "Water and electricity are our biggest concerns since we have been behind on payments they have disconnected the services multiple times! That keeps me up every night! 


While discussing operational costs with Eduardo Jiu Jitsu Tribe learned that Gaditas was significantly behind on his utility bills (6+ months).  We asked Eduardo to send us a copy of the past due bills which he did.  The past due amount was $4143 Reais and12 cents equivalent to $1,100 USD.  On the same day Jiu Jitsu Tribe made a deposit, and on May 13th Eduardo was able to pay off the debt.

Our focus is now to help Eduardo cover operational costs for Gaditas for one year.  The operational costs will be $400/mo. For a one-year total of $5,000.  Upon successful fundraising we will distribute the funds to Gaditas on a monthly basis.  We will evaluate the agreement at the end of one year.  In order to achieve this goal, we need the help from our generous donors.  Please consider a monthly or one-time donation to help this great cause.