Focus Project:  Forming Champions In Bahia, Brazil - Phase 1


Delio Lima runs Forming Champions social project in Bahia, Brazil.  The project provides jiu jitsu training for kids in one of the roughest areas in the state.  The project is currently training on mats placed on the side of the street!  Jiu Jitsu Tribe is raising money to get the Delio and the kids the academy the deserve.  Our goal is ambitious but with the help of our generous donors we believe we can make it happen.  The overll objective of the initiative is to complete the following:

  • Purchase land for the future academy
  • Construct a reliable building to house a training room and bathrooms with showers.
  • Purchase new mats for the training room
  • 1 year Operational costs (water, electricity, etc)

Jiu Jitsu Tribe has already identified a piece of land for purchase.  The land has a run down building which we will need to remove.  The first phase of fundraising will be to purchase the land and remove the current building so that we can start new construction in phase 2.

Read about Jiu Jitsu Tribe co-founder Gustavo Dantas recent visit to this social project and watch the video story below.

Fundraising Goal

Raised so far:
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Do you believe in superheroes? Well, they do exist, and Delio Lima is one of them!

On Tuesday, March 19th, 2019, co-founder of Jiu Jitsu Tribe Gustavo Dantas went to one of the most violent cities of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil to check out the social work of Delio Lima called “PROJETO SOCIAL FORMANDO CAMPEÕES” (Social Project Building Champions) where he teaches jiu-jitsu for free to children and young adults literally in the street! You heard right, he is teaching them in the street. It was one of the best experiences his my life!

Have you ever experienced a situation so powerful that you went to bed thinking about it and woke up thinking about it?

That is exactly what happened to Gustavo! After the visit he went to bed at 4:30 am and woke up at 6:30 am because he could not stop thinking about what he saw and the horrifying stories he heard of the drug cartel brutally murdering children who worked for them. Kids ten years old and up started to work for them, ended up consuming the drugs they were supposed to sell and of course, ended up not being able to pay them back. They murder whoever to set the example.

Delio shared how jiu-jitsu has been saving many lives in that community, he said:

"Gustavo, Do you see that kid right there?" He pointed to a yellow belt they call "Pastor."

"He is now twelve years old, and he trains here Monday through Friday, he doesn't miss a class. A couple of years ago he got involved with the cartel, and one day a couple of drug dealers came here to kill him. I begged for his life and thanks to God they spared his life and told me that would never want to see him nearby them."

"Unfortunately," he said, "For some of them it was too late. They shot and killed a kid that used to train with me, literally, in front of my house. I just heard the shots, and when I came out, he was dead."

Gustavo said that he went to sleep crying and woke up crying after hearing this story.

Gustavo taught the longest and most fulfilling class of his life and stayed on the mat with them from 5:30 pm until 10:30 pm.

After the class, we sat on the mat and shared bread with butter sandwiches and drank water and soda provided by Delio. It was dinner for many of them. For a moment Gustavo felt bad because he didn't want to take their food; however, they were happy that he sat down to eat with them.

Watch the video in attachment and take a look where Delio has been teaching for the past five years. A few years ago they didn’t even have mats, only a tarp on the pavement.

with this project Jiu Jitsu Tribe will be buying a house and transforming into a training facility for them, it’s extremely dangerous where they are currently training. If a car loses control, it could cause a tragedy.

You might be asking: "When this is going to happen?"

We don’t know WHEN is going to happen; however, it WILL happen. We would NOT be sharing this vision and making it public to people we respect if we didn’t believe we could pull this off with the rest of Jiu Jitsu Tribe team and donors like you.

If you would like to get involved there are several ways to do so.  Most simply, you can do a monthly or one time donation.

If you are a school owner, a good way to get involved would be promoting a seminar at your school to raise money and awareness of our organization.

Sharing this worthwhile cause on social media and encouraging others to get involved is also very beneficial.

We don’t just believe it can be done; we have a conviction that it WILL be done, especially with your help.

Superheroes do exist, and we saw the proof with our own eyes. Do YOU believe in superheroes?