The mission of the 501 c3 nonprofit organization JIU-JITSU TRIBE is to provide facility makeovers for social projects across the globe.  In addition, we raise funds to support their necessary monthly expenses. This allows the tribe leaders to keep inspiring, impacting, and improving the lives of at-risk children and young adults of impoverished communities for free!

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Fundraising Project:  Forming Champions In Bahia, Brazil - Phase 1

Fundraising Goal

Raised so far:
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Delio Lima runs Forming Champions social project in Bahia, Brazil.  The project provides jiu jitsu training for kids in one of the roughest areas in the state.  The project is currently training on mats placed on the side of the street!  Jiu Jitsu Tribe is raising money to get the Delio and the kids the academy the deserve.  Our goal is ambitious but with the help of our generous donors we believe we can make it happen.  The overll objective of the initiative is to complete the following:

  • Purchase land for the future academy
  • Construct a reliable building to house a training room and bathrooms with showers.
  • Purchase new mats for the training room
  • 1 year Operational costs (water, electricity, etc)

Jiu Jitsu Tribe has already identified a piece of land for purchase.  The land has a run down building which we will need to remove.  The first phase of fundraising will be to purchase the land and remove the current building so that we can start new construction in phase 2.

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