Attention Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy owners,

Do you believe that if more people trained jiu-jitsu, the world would be a better place? Most likely, your answer is yes; however, millions of people don't have access to it because they are unaware of jiu-jitsu's existence, and many others can't afford it, especially in impoverished communities worldwide.  To spread the message that the World could be a better place if more people trained in jiu-jitsu, we need your help supporting the cause, and there is an excellent opportunity to do so.

Jiu Jitsu Tribe (JJT) is 501 C3 Nonprofit organization JJT's Mission is to inspire, impact, and improve the lives of at-risk children and young adults in impoverished communities worldwide, including Arizona.  Founded in 2010, JJT introduces jiu-jitsu as a personal development tool for kids & young adults in partnership with mental health-related organizations and local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies.

Jiu Jitsu Tribe has partnered with Resilient Health to bring jiu jitsu training to at-risk or in need youth who otherwise may not be able to participate.  Resilient Heath provides mental health services to kids ages 6 to 17.  They identify kids that have expressed an interest in trying jiu jitsu as a therapeutic outlet.  Jiu Jitsu Tribe will try to find placement with academies around the Valley who are willing to sponsor the youth for a trial program of jiu jitsu training.

How does the program work?

The academy can choose one student (or multiple if you choose to do so) to sponsor for three months. It includes monthly dues, one kimono, and a belt.  There will be a one-month checkpoint (midway through the program) to evaluate interest, commitment, and continued participation. After that, those taking advantage of the program will continue, while those who are not will be dropped to ensure spots are available to those who will truly maximize the opportunity.

Upon completing the three-month program, the academy can decide if the sponsorship will continue.

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As an example of the type of change that the intro to Jiu Jitsu program can have please read this letter that we received from the parent of a child participating in our inaugural edition:

(child's name changed)

"Hi Lori,

I wanted to say a Huge Thank You to you & the team there at Resilient Health for this great opportunity Sophia has with GD Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We are so happy with this transformation Sophia has flourished into.

She has been so opened about many things she secretly struggled with that I wish I had known beforehand. Her perspective with school and life has done a 180, she’s such a happy gal once again 😊 She looks forward to her Zoom meetings with you and the children every Monday.

She absolutely loves talking to you and the other children and is not feeling so insecure about her thought process and body image. She feels so confident in herself and has even changed a bit in her posture.

Her health has become much better I see a little weight loss action there and the healthy eating habits are taken much more serious. Gustavo, Heath and everyone at the Gym has encouraged her to be mentally, physically and even emotionally strong. She tells me how much she cares for everyone of her instructors and team mates. She wants to be just like them in helping others with encouraging peoples lives and helping them see outside the box.

As you know Sophia suffered many losses in her life, she seen me live in a hospital for many months fighting for my life. We lost our home and animals, my little sister from pneumonia which was her favorite Aunty, my father from cancer, my mother to Covid19 last year. So all of the death and loss of material things within the 2year span played a huge toll on her little heart and mental state.

So, this whole program is  such a breath of fresh air to actually see her so happy and excited once again. My heart is sooooo happy and relieved, I can’t imagine how amazing she feeling inside. She sleeps throughout the nights now. Before she struggled with sleep and would cry herself to sleep. She was becoming a dark person and wanted to wear nothing but black clothing, goth look with her hair in her face. At 9years old she just thought of dark thoughts and nothing was exciting anymore. She took a liking into video games and wanted to become a gamer for Fortnite. She didn’t want any physical activity in her life, nor to even go outside.

The GD Jiu-Jitsu program has changed her in ways I never thought I’d see again. I have my daughter back! I missed her glowing smile and her loving heart tremendously and now she’s back. Yes, I’m crying as I type this but it’s the BEST FEELING Lori, SHE’S BACK!

Sophia would love to continue this class, the instructors are absolutely  amazing and so kind and understanding of the children. I see all different levels from all different back grounds and they all cooperating and do their best. Sophia feels safe and gets along with the owners very well. They offered her to come and do a woman’s class and it’s  helping her socialize with grownups and learn from their points of view on the Martial Arts background and just keeping her encouraged with young woman’s daily lives.

I encourage Resilient Health to continue helping children with programs like this. They are so beneficial for our children’s mental & physical  health. Thank You soo soo much once again…

Mom "